Large Car Park
Situated at the front of the nursery is a large, well lit car park making drop offs and pickups convenient and safe.

Biometric fingerprint entry system
Jelly Totz Nursery provides a paperless signing in and out system utilising fingerprint technology to identify the parents/guardians entering and exiting the premises. This provides added security and save precious time when you drop off and pick up your child.

Digital Photo Frame Displays
Each area has a digital photo frame displaying images of the children and the activities they have been doing throughout that day/week. - Great for you to see what has been going on and entertaining for the children too!

Online Web Camera
The nursery is planning to provide a web cam service for parents who wish to log in and observe their child whilst at nursery. Further details to follow soon. This service is fully secure, only parents registered at the nursery will be able to access the site with a personal security code. There will be no extra charge to you for this service.

Jelly Totz Nursery is fully OFSTED registered.